Backyard Birding Tips

Bird Feeding Basics

While most wild birds rely on wild foods for most of their meals, more than 100 North American species supplement natural foods with birdseed, suet, fruit and nectar obtained from feeders.

Selecting Wild Bird Food

Different birds are attracted by different kinds of seed, try offering a variety in separate feeders. Make sure that the seed is compatible with both the feeder and the birds you hope to attract.

Selecting A Bird Feeder

List of a variety of feeders to accommodate specific types of birds and their diets. Choosing more than one will help attract more species and avoid feeder congestion. 

Popular Wild Birds


Cardinals are one of the most recognizable and popular birds in North America.

Blue Jays

Blue jays are a surprisingly large bird with a real appetite for peanuts. 


They may not all be as big as the pileated woodpecker but they are all fun to watch.


Finches love nyjer seed and with the right feeder and seed (nyjer) they can be a regular visitor. 


These busy birds are fun to watch and as they hustle back and forth from tree to feeder.


A bluebird house and some mealworms would make any bluebird sing.  


Visit the National Audubon Society to see more North American birds.